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Aloha* I love this planet we call home, and enjoy sharing that love with others. I see wild food as a way to connect us more deeply with place, with ourselves, and as a catalyst for our rapidly changing world. Life takes us many places, but the plants are a constant for me. Please use the information on this website and build upon it, making it better, sharing it with others.

Born to back-to-the-lander parents in the middle of the Smoky Hills State Forest, I spent my early years without electricity and running water. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Dietetics, and my Master’s degree in Nutrition Education. My Master’s work focused on the antioxidants of wild greens. I taught native nutrition at the White Earth Tribal & Community College for 3 years up in northern Minnesota and made it to every continent before the age of 30. My ancestry includes pirates, diplomats, farmers, to writers of the French constitution. I’ve always loved the story of my ancestor Thomas Savage, who arrived in Jamestown on the second boat at 13. Shortly after arriving he was part of a political exchange that ended in him spending the next several years living with Chief Powhatan and his famous daughter Pocahontas.

I founded Savage Designs, Inc …an eco-conscious clothing and design company working with tribal villagers, who still sustainably wildcraft Giant Himilayan Nettle (Girardinia diversifolia). The fibers are processed completely by hand with love and care every step of the way.

Join me on an adventure in untaming your life in the television series Hot on the Trail with Sunny Savage. This 20-episode series airs on Veria, a natural lifestyle network on DISH channel 218, Verizon FIOS channel 162, and Frontier channel 162.


Wild foodie, teacher and adventurer.
Sunny Savage, host of the television series ‘Hot on the Trail with Sunny Savage’ and TedxMaui 2014 presenter, helps us untame our lives by incorporating wild foods into our modern-day diets. She holds an MS in Nutrition Education and has traveled to all 7 continents, learning from the plants and the people along the way. She lives on the island of Maui and enjoys exploring mauka to makai.

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