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Eco RV | Wild Food Plants

Eco RV

Ever wanted to see the inside of an eco RV?
I’ve been traveling on the road in this 2009 diesel Road Warrior by Weekend Warrior for the last 10 months. After finding out that I would be filming a television show about wild foods all across America, I needed to find a way to not be separated from my son for long periods of time. My cousin suggested an RV and it seemed like a great idea. The network I would be working for was not too excited about the idea of me driving the RV to filming locations, thinking that I could possibly be breaking down on the side of the road and unable to meet productions schedules. So, the trade-off was that I buy a new one with all the warranties and bells and whistles.

Similar to purchasing a new car, I had heard about the large amount of toxic fumes and particles released…especially during the first 6-12 months after its manufactured date…in a new vehicle. Unlike a regular car, we would be living in the RV with a friend full-time. I decided to put in the extra capital to make the RV as environmentally friendly as my budget and time would allow. We nearly completely gutted out the interior, installing recycled bamboo flooring using non-toxic adhesives, cork ceilings using non-toxic adhesives, peeling the walls of their carpeting and linoleum and applying non-toxic zero VOC paints that also included some clay to further absorb toxins from the air itself, stripped some of the wood and used non toxic stain, built custom frames for all the windows so that we could install 100% organic and wild crafted nettle curtains, we took out the existing mattresses and put in organic cotton filled ones…then covered them with bamboo and organic cotton sheets. We got some beautiful organic, wild-crafted, hypoallergenic milkweed filled comforters and pillows. We then installed 8 solar panels on the roof, creating enough energy for all our power needs (all interior lights/fans/computers/chargers/power tools/blenders/food dehydrators and more!). The rig is a diesel, so we were able to run biodiesel for much of the time. This rig is actually what’s called a toy hauler and the entire back side drops down so that you can drive a motorcycle (I have my 1998 Yamaha Virago 1100 Special parked in back), 4-wheeler, jet ski, smart car, etc. into. Besides its huge diesel tank, there is also a completely separate tank for unleaded gasoline for your toys. My dream was to convert it to run on vegetable grease that I got from restaurants. This motorhome is especially well designed to be a grease RV because it’s already a diesel and with some welding and conversion magic you could have the smaller ‘unleaded’ tank hold the diesel necessary to start the rig, with the much larger ‘diesel’ tank used to hold straight grease.

I recently ended filming my upcoming television series ‘Hot on the Trail with Sunny Savage’. I’ve decided to sell the RV, as well as the motorcycle. I think it would be a great for a family, as a traveling educational ride, or for someone wanting to bring a business on the road. If you’re interested in purchasing it please contact me at: sunnysavage@gmail.com

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