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Sunny Savage highlight in Molly O’Neill’s new Cookbook – One Big Table

December 21st, 2010

For those who love cookbooks, the recent release of One Big Table by Molly O’Neill will dazzle you with a huge supply of foods found throughout America. If you look deep within its 880 pages, you will find 3 of those highlighting myself and several wild greens found throughout America.

Molly O’Neill is the author of three cookbooks, including the best-selling New York Cookbook, A Well-Seasoned Appetite, and The Pleasure of Your Company. She hosted the PBS series Great Food and was, for ten years, a reporter with The New York Times and the food columnist for its Sunday magazine.


Cooking with Mesquite – also known as kiawe

December 19th, 2010

Check out this beautiful new cookbook from Desert Harvesters in southern Arizona….Eat Mesquite! Known as kiawe in Hawaii, the Prosopis genus provides delicious food for those in the know. This cookbook was inspired by the long lines of enthusiastic eaters at the Desert Harvesters’ annual Mesquite Milling Fiesta and Pancake Breakfast in Tucson, Arizona, who beg every year for the famous pancake recipe. Here it finally is, in print, along with nearly 50 other delicious recipes in celebration of mesquite flour, an abundant and easy-to-harvest native food of the Sonoran Desert and beyond. Also, learn from experts about the culinary and medicinal uses of Prosopis in arid lands, secrets for cooking with mesquite flour, and how you too can harvest, store, mill and enjoy mesquite pods with tasty, fun and nutritious results.

If you live in an arid environment you may wish to know about one of the Desert Harvesters’ Founders…Brad Lancaster. Brad is the author of Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond: Volumes 1 and 2
You can watch a video I did on Brad a few years ago by clicking here.