Untame Your Life!

A New Day For America!

November 5th, 2008

photo taken from www.alunajoy.com

I’m really excited about the spirit of hope and unity I feel as an American and global citizen today. The excitement and anticipation of better things to come will fade as we face the reality of how to transform our problems…but I hope we will hold this feeling of unity close in our consciousness.

I’m also really excited that kids will be part of our social-political consciousness. Bringing kid energy back into the White House will be good. My vision of having every child in America learn 10 wild food plants in their bioregion seems more easily achievable, and of creating cooperatives of people who are harvesting and distributing wild foods seems more achievable *yeehaw…progressives have been empowered. Enjoy your personal life, while participating in our collective experience in an active way. Teach the children well.