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Kudzu Queen ~ Nancy Basket

April 30th, 2008

Had the great priviledge of meeting up with Nancy Basket, of Kudzu Kabin Designs. Nancy holds strong to her Cherokee roots and shares not only general information about kudzu’s ediblity and usefulness, but also weaves kudzu’s story into a Cherokee legend that teaches about right living in the world.

I’ve been having a lot of fun getting to know kudzu (Pueraria lobata) down here in the south. The leaves and root starch powder have made their way into a variety of my dishes; fermented kudzu leaves for kudzu dolmas, kudzu alfredo, kudzu omelette’s, kudzu tempura chips, kudzu cider…and more!

Be sure to watch for my upcoming show, Hot on the Trail with Sunny Savage, on Veria channel 9575 on DISH. We’ve dedicated an entire episode to ‘the vine that ate the south’. One use that has really caught my attention, as well as many in the medical field, is kudzu’s use in the treatment of alcoholism…as well as to decrease alcohol consumption for the person who occasionally partaketh. There are many references to its benefits, and the Harvard Medical School study that got the buzz going, through either PubMed or Highwire.

Kudzu Tempura
1 cup flour of your choice
1 Tbsp kudzu powder (called kuzu powder in stores)
dash salt
1 cup cold water

Mix dry ingredients thoroughly. Then add water and stir completely to get all lumps out. This will give you a beautiful tempura batter than can be used to fry kudzu leaves themselves…elderflowers…dandelion flowers…etc. I’ve fallen in love with using pecan oil here in the south. It’s a wonderful oil that holds up well in high heat.


Hot on the Trail with Sunny Savage

April 29th, 2008

You heard it here…I got myself a wild food television show!
It’s called Hot on the Trail with Sunny Savage.
Have sold my Prius, let go of my apartment in California, and hit the road runnin’ in a 34’ motorhome. Never thought I would be living in an RV…ever…even if it does run on biodiesel, solar panels, and is eco-outfitted on the inside. Will be on the road for the next 8 months, filming 26 episodes all across the US, for Veria.
The Veria network, channel 9575, airs on DISH and is dedicated to living life, naturally.

I don’t know when Veria will start airing the show, but will keep you posted. If you already get DISH, you can simply call and ask to subscribe to channel 9575. If you aren’t a TV person, or don’t get DISH, I would recommend contacting Veria at 1-866-918-3742 and requesting that the show be made into DVD’s, or online internet TV subscriptions. It’s going to be an awesome show, which I can say since it truly takes a team of people to put something like this together. We have an amazing group of folks producing it from Fusion Productions.

One very cool thing about getting paid to travel around the country doing a show like this is that I am connecting with amazing wild food folks from around the nation. Stay tuned to my website as I document some of these wild people who are willing to open their lives to us. Highlighted in this video is Lionel Key, Jr.. Lionel has been making file powder for over 20 years, in a huge mortar & pestle that has been used by his family since 1904. File is simply crushed wild sassafras leaves (Sassafras albidum). Lionel wildcrafts the leaves near his home in Baton Rouge, LA… and the finished file powder can then be purchased on his website: www.unclebillspices.com.