Untame Your Life!

Andean Trilogy

January 9th, 2008

Lower/Middle/Upper Worlds

These four trilogies form the Andean cross, and are based on a deep cosmology connected with the southern cross constellation. Another blessed trip to Peru with the chakana to guide my way! The photo is of the Sacred Leaf of the Incas, also known as coca. The western mind thinks of it as a drug, but that is only after it has been demoralized and mixed with harsh chemicals to make cocaine. It is sacred to the Andean People, and studies by Dr. Jim Duke have found it to be high in antioxidants, beta carotene, iron and calcium.

Freddy Munoz, from Llama Path is highlighted in the video above. He helped to connect my family more deeply with the land and the spirit of the Inkas. It also brought home how important it is to love your work. In this, the energy of the first new moon of the New Year and all its Capricornian influence, may you live your passion and set goals of responsible/truthful/focused work…with integrity.

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