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Food and Love

Pule ‘Ai I ola nö ke kino I ka maona o ka ‘öpü I mä’ona nö ka ‘öpü me ke aloha o ka makua E pü pa’akai käkou me ke mahalo Ua loa’a ho’i iä käkou ka’ai a me ke aloha The body lives because the Stomach is satisfied The...

Gargantuan Wild Beach Almond’s on Molokai

This past weekend I took a much needed camping trip to Molokai. We feasted on some wild foods, including these gargantuan False Kamani (Terminalia catappa). In my book Wild Food Plants of Hawai’i, I call them Beach Almond’s. You can purchase the book...

Book Release Postponed

Book Release ***POSTPONED*** due to shipping issues. If you live on Maui and are still interested in buying it hot off the press, please message me. price is $29.95 The first 200 books printed have a small kine glitch, so I am offering to get you a signed copy and...

Kiawe and Persimmon Raw Pie

Our persimmon tree is dumping down juicy, sweet, delicious persimmons right now. We hiked into Haleakala Crater for my husband’s birthday, so this is a belated birthday pie made just for him using kiawe flour and persimmons. so ono!

Wild Food Meal Extravaganza

A few weeks ago I prepared a 7-course wild food meal for Hawaii’s Center for Food Safety, with the help of some awesome new foraging friends. Chef Rob Ramshur had contacted me several times about learning wild edibles on Maui, but I had been in such a constant...

Haole Koa Seed Tempeh

Haole koa (Leucaena leucocephala) tempeh, it’s what’s for dinner. Baby Zeb has even gotten into eating this wild food creation. My haole koa, Job’s Tear grain, organic soybean tempeh has an aroma of baked bread. Yes, this is one of the most invasive...

The Savage Life

Wild food harvester, expert forager, teacher and adventurer.
Sunny Savage, host of the television series ‘Hot on the Trail with Sunny Savage’, helps us untame our lives by incorporating wild foods into our modern-day diets. She holds an MS in Nutrition Education and has traveled to all 7 continents, learning from the plants and the people along the way. She lives on the island of Maui and enjoys exploring from mountain top to the sea.

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